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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”


AIDS/HIV & Hepatitis C:
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Both groups, people with mental illnesses and those who are incarnated represent an important population group for issues of infectious diseases. Both groups are stigmatized and largely go forgotten by the general public. The general public would rather not recognize the needs of either group. However, people from both groups do return to and become productive members of society. They live next door to many of us. The rate of infection amongst both groups is higher than the general population and represents a major concern for society. Society tends to disregard many of their needs and concerns. In many instances, these institutions represent nothing more than breeding grounds for infectious diseases-and this should be a concern to everyone. This issue of infectious diseases is not about these groups of people deserve these illness because of their lack of awareness or their inability to comprehend their situation-the concern should be on how we can provide either group with adequate treatment and education-for their future return to society.


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Many communities have fought to have a correctional facility within their area, to bring jobs, increase the tax base and basically to help to the total community, especially during the economic times.  One other thing that these facilities also bring-diseases. 

Role of incarceration-How it impacts us all:

Mortality Chart from Del Norte County California compared to State Average Mortality and the Mortality Chart from Fremont County, Colorado when compared to State Average Mortality
Del Norte County, California                                 
Fremont County, Colorado

The only common factor between both of the above communities is the correctional facilities located in their county. These counties are separated by 1200 miles-one in California, the other in Colorado




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