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“The only thing necessary for these diseases to the triumph is for good people and governments to do nothing.”

  Our Board


We offer a monthly newsletter dealing with the various issues surrounding infectious diseases.  To find out more click HERE.

"Conditions in society which are not defined as a problem and for which alternatives are never proposed, never become policy issues. Government does nothing and conditions remain the same." T. R. Dye, Policy Analyst
(From the book "Understanding Public Policy"

Board of Directors



Linda Bloom-A dynamic, team-spirited, visionary with extended expertise and experience in developing creative strategies to strengthen educational and community based programs.  Highly effective in addressing fiscal management directives with innovative approaches to increase funding and strengthen bottom-line figures.  Consistent involvement in integrating educational awareness programming through community organizations to gain support and acceptance.    Practitioner of life-long learning and holistic approach to health management. l,
Michael Chaiffetz: Promotion, Interests: environmental & global warming, brain injury, activist for the disabled; PhD candidate 
Hanne Hedegaard-International Affairs, Marketing, Hepatitis C, Founder of "The Danish Hepatitis C."  Hanne has been an advocate for people with Hepatitis C for over 10 years, along with Jens (her husband).  Master's degree in logistics, International business woman; Chairman of The Danish Hepatitis C Association since 1996;  Honorary memberships: JCI International: Senator Honorary affiliated with The American Liver Foundation since 1999; Loss of husband due to Hepatitis C (2002); Educate young business people in the areas of marketing, purchasing, body language, cultural differences and presentation techniques.
James Hoyt-Workers' Compensation Issues; Stigma; Hepatitis C; HIV/AIDS; Board member of National Association of Hepatitis Task Forces; co-authored Changing the Stigma of and Levels of Awareness for Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS; HIV/AIDS Hospice; March on D.C.; HCVets 
Sara LaPage-sexual education, advocate for the disadvantaged; AmeriCorps;  Clean Water Action; International Medical issues; Women's health;

Education; Environmental Issues, Global warming; an advocate for change; Educational issues for women
Abhay Shah-International Affairs, Marketing; Ph.D. in Business Administration, May 1991, Oklahoma State University, majoring in Marketing, with Research Methods and Economics as minors.  Publications: More than 35 publications in peer reviewed journals and conferences in the areas of International Marketing, Services Marketing, Strategic Marketing, Marketing of Higher Education, Sports Marketing, and Retailing.

Our Guiding Principles and purpose of Hepatitis, AIDS, Research Trust


All lives, no matter where a person lives, no matter what what their religious faith may be, no matter the color of their skin,  ALL have equal value;

Education is the greatest weapon in combating diseases and less expensive than the treatment of those same diseases.;

Infectious diseases will have a vast notable impact on society, all societies;

That all of the countries around the world will feel the impact of infectious diseases, because these diseases are not concerned about a countries' national boarder

Technology has a great potential to improve lives around the world

Our focus is clear and we prioritize some of the most neglected issues around the world;

Identify specific points of interventions and apply our efforts towards that change;

We advocate in our areas of focus;

We treat each other as valued colleagues;

That no one is an island unto themselves, we are all interconnected within this world;

That if we cannot help the least within society, we cannot help anyone within society;

The cost of education is far cheaper than cost of treatment for any illness